Batman The Telltale Series Review

Batman The Telltale Series Review

Telltale Games really stand out in the field of video games through their love for the adventure genre and they told us some of the best stories in the past, so it is quite understandable why everyone got excited to learn that they will tackle Batman in their new project. Batman The Telltale Series came out in five episodes released from the 2nd of August 2016 until the 13th of December and they featured an updated game engine to help fix some of the visual problems of the previous one.

This game is all about the story

The story is the part that really stands out as the reason for the entire project because the action parts aren’t really efficient in the engine and just help the tale be told instead. With Batman The Telltale Series we have something that is quite different from the usual Batman games since the characters received a lot more depth and Bruce Wayne plays just as important a role as Batman does. The bat is a symbol for justice in the minds of the people in Gotham but Wayne and his corporation has the wealth and influence to change the leadership of the city so this can do just as much (if not more) good in the long run.

Batman The Telltale Series Review

It starts from the early days of the hero when the district attorney Harvey Dent runs for mayor against Hamilton Hill and Bruce supports the runner up. The mob joins the picture and the press is close by to report all interactions. You don’t have to play for too long to see how complex the scene is getting for Bruce and Batman both since the villains like Lady Arkham, Catwoman, Joker or the Penguin make their first appearance and at the same time a lot of information comes to light about the past of Bruce’s parents.


The gameplay is quite typical for Telltale games with you examining the environment and progressing the story. You have some connections that you have to make between different areas in a room to see what really happened in an investigative fashion but since you just tie a few links together this won’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure out. The combat is also carefully planned in advance when Batman has the opportunity so you get to see a much more cerebral hero than the one from the action games by Rocksteady.

Batman The Telltale Series Review

Throughout the game you have the choice of interacting with key situations either as Batman or as Bruce Wayne and the option you choose will certainly impact how events will follow. Each episode brings something interesting into the mix and you get to meet many of the villains for the first time. They aren’t unidimensional as in some of the previous games and Telltale Games chose to give up the deformed aspect of the Penguin or the physical aspect of Two-Face for a more psychological approach to their personality that is even more efficient since you could mistake them for balanced individuals during the first encounters.

Overall feel

I won’t go into the story too much because that would probably spoil the entire purpose of this game and I have already mentioned some of the events that unfold in it. There are many unexpected twists even if at times you can guess what will happen if you know the films or comic books. It is a tale worth experiencing and although in the end some things might have unraveled quicker than I was expecting, the overall journey was a great one.

Batman The Telltale Series Review

With the ending that it had this is certainly not the end of this project and we hope to see a second season as soon as possible. In our opinion Batman the Telltale Series deserves a 8.5 out of 10 and if you are generally a fan of the genre then it could go even higher.

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