The ENnie Awards of 2015

The Annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards are usually known as the ENnie Awards and they are among the most prestigious prizes in the field due to their objectivity and tradition. They have been around since 2001 and are hosted each year at the Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. Although initially they were only awarding products of the d20 system they grew in size and received sponsorship from companies such as DriveThruRPG.

ENnie Awards

The ENnie Awards ceremony for this year was a tight competition due to the really amazing products that were released and aside from the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition there were notable newcomers such as Monte Cook’s The Strange or the exquisite modules created by the Lamentations of the Flame Princess team.

Among the unsurprising winners are the D&D Player’s Handbook which won the gold for the best game as well as for the best rules and Product of the Year. But we were highly pleased to see the extremely original project of Bruce Cordell and Monte Cook, – The Strange, receive such a warm appreciation. The Strange went home with awards for its art, silver on the Best Game category and for the Best Setting. The multiple dimensions system allows the integration of both sci-fi and fantasy settings in a very efficient way and is a superb manner of expanding the already beloved Numenera system.

Another well-deserved number of awards went to Zak S for his new masterpiece A Red & Pleasant Land which combines the gothic novel and the playful manner of Lewis Carroll into a very original and quite unforgettable experience. The Lamentations of the Flame Princess system deserves all the attention it gets in our opinion and the awards for Product of the Year (silver), Best Writing, Best Setting and Best Adventure (silver) are certainly well earned.

Which are your favorite products of this year competing in the ENnie Awards? Let us know in the comments. You can see the entire awards list here.

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