International 5 – The largest eSports event in the world

International 5, the most acclaimed Dota 2 tournament is currently underway. Between 3 and 8 August we have the privilege of witnessing the largest eSports event up to date which raised a sum of over $18 million dollars through the fans alone. The Valve Software Corporation managed to revolutionize the way in which you play through Dota 2 which instead of asking you for money upfront just allows you to play for free and you have the option to pay for some cosmetic customization options in case you want them.

The money for the competition were raised through an item in the game and the funds will be split by the teams in the following way: 36% of the total go to the winning team, the second place receives 15.5%, the third gets 12% and the fourth 8.5%, while the rest of the sum is divided among the fifth up to the sixteenth spot. The actual event takes place on the KeyArena stadium in Seattle, Washington and this is the fifth edition of the International.

International 5

A short history of the acclaimed Dota 2 International 5 event

When the first edition took place in 2011 in Cologne, Germany, the game wasn’t even officially launched and this event placed the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere (or Na’Vi) against the Chinese team EHOME in the finals in a best of five competition that awarded Na’Vi with a large portion of the total $1.6 million raised.

International 00001


The next year the event moved to Seattle and since the competitive scene was already blooming Valve decided to invite the teams they considered the best according to their performance and the sum of money raised was the same as the last year ($1.6 million). Another thing that continued from the last year was the placement of Na’Vi in the finals but this time struggling to compete against another Chinese team entitled Invictus Gaming (IG) which finally proved victorious.

International 00002

In 2013 the prize stake was raised with the introduction of The Compendium, an in-game item that could be bought to support the competition and it brought the total prize pool up to $2.8 million. Fans would come in much larger numbers to the event and thus it took place in Benaroya Hall in Seattle while also being watched online by the fans. The Ukrainian team Na’Vi qualified again in the finals and this time they would face another European team entitled Alliance which went home with the grand prize.

International 00003

The interest in the game kept growing exponentially and the 2014 edition held on KeyArena, Seattle would bring the prize pool up even more to a dazzling $10.5 million, making it the highest paying event in the history of gaming. There were 10000 tickets sold to the event and none were left within an hour of being put on sale. Adding to that it was announced that over 20 million unique viewers were streaming the tournament, changing the world of eSports forever. The high stakes made the tensions grow higher than ever and in the finals there were two Chinese teams fighting for the title. Vici Gaming were known for their skills but Newbee took almost everyone by surprise and with a “deathball” strategy of overwhelming their adversaries they managed to get the victory in the end.

International 00004

This year there are several favorites but, as we have seen from last year, it will be difficult to say who will be going home with the Aegis of the Immortal. Who is your favorite team? Let us know in the comments.


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